I do not think a person needs to be perfect to be president of the United States. I certainly am not. But neither do I believe they are qualified if they shamelessly and repeatedly make their sin their glory and boast. It is for this reason, I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump nor believe his campaign promises.

As for Hillary I cannot vote for her because we are in fundamental disagreement as to what is true and right.

So that is why I must vote my conscience which will be a write-in candidate. I feel glad to have the privilege to vote this way.

If you disagree and feel you can vote for Trump or Hillary – that is your privilege and right in the US. But I would ask

1) Please do not vilify or insult those of us who cannot join you in your vote.

2) Please do not say the scripture, God or Jesus demand that we support Trump.

3) Please consider the message and the messenger as you go to vote. The fact that Trump is the Republican Nominee does not automatically make him better than a Democrat Nominee.

4) You do not have to chose between two evils. As Spurgeon said, “When presented with two evils choose neither.”