1) Jesus is our destination – Knowing Him is our highest good and joy. He is what our souls were designed for and crave. Rom 5:11

2) We see Jesus as precious with eyes of faith. Faith is stepping out where I see no way. Faith is putting all my eggs in the basket the He is enough. Faith is being satisfied with all that God is for me in Christ Jesus. Faith is like drinking water when you are desperately thirsty. Faith is like quenching your thirst and satisfying your hunger with Christ. John 6:35

3) Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ

4) The word of Christ is the Good News that God through Christ is a rescuer of sinners who demonstrated his love for us by sending Jesus as our substitute, dying the death we deserved and rising again so that we would also be raised. Rom 5:8

5) Need for this Savior comes as we are awakened to our need and the exceeding

sinfulness of our sin by the law and recognize that we cannot save ourselves Rom 7:13

6) God the Father is the divine initiator and decisive enabler of salvation. It is His love for us that awakens our love for Him. It is his desire for us that creates our desire for Him. He reaches to sinners. He awakens the dead. Just as he created light from darkness by saying “Let there be Light” he calls dead people to life by the strength of his word. II Cor 4:6, I John 4:19