Here is what I have noticed about every story– there must be a plight. There must be a peril to be rescued from – Kirk must have Klingons endangering the Enterprise or there is no story – there is no glory – there is no rescue. Can you imagine Superman flying at the speed of light – shadow boxing – “don’t be afraid – I’m here to save the day” if there were no bad guys – if there was nothing to be rescued from? You would think that guy is crazy. What is he doing? Saved me from what?

In the same way, if we present the rescue of the gospel and forget to talk about the desperate plight from which we all need to be delivered we turn the gospel in sentimental meaningless drivel. We have a tendency to want to skip or sanitize the dark parts of Scripture in an effort to not offend – parts that talk about sinners and the wrath of God and the holiness of God. But in an effort to be more palatable we cut out the very thing that makes the Gospel compelling. The story loses all meaning.

The Gospel has two words
It is a story of Despair then Deliverance
It is a story of Darkness to Light
It is a story of Law and Grace
If you lose one – if we cheapen one we lose both

Theodore Beza: ““Ignorance of the distinction between the Law and Gospel is one of the principle sources of all the abuses which corrupt and still corrupt Christianity.