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There is such a thing as

Raging Remorse

Stormy Sorrow

Where Grief or Pain and Rage meet.

I can Wallow in it

Feed it

And Feel Right to do so


I can “Cast all my Cares on Him.”

What would that look like?

It would mean that in Every Sorrow I Face

I would KNOW I am not facing it Alone.


I would KNOW the ONE who is with me truly cares for me.

Even More….

I would TRUST His Promise the He will make every Dark Thing …

…I have Ever Faced

…I am Facing

…I will ever Face

Serve His Good Purposes for Me.

Even in my Pain


And if I believed that…

I would NOT Despair in My Sorrows

I would NOT Grieve as one Without Hope

I would Lay Down…

My Worry

My Need to Control,

My Frustration and Anger

I would SURRENDER Myself to the Good Hand of the King

A KING who also happens to be My Friend.


I Commit My Way to this Good King

I Will Trust in Him

And He WILL Act!