Meditation on Isaiah 31-32
Worry reveals my doubt in the Lord’s sovereignty and/or His goodness. When I worry I am constantly hatching new schemes to fix my own problems. When things go wrong I tend to utilize other resources – usually myself – rather than depending on God.
But God says – “Woe to those who go down to Egypt and rely on horses.. but do not look to the Holy one of Israel.”
It seems pretty natural to me to seek out my own resources when things go wrong. Sure I might remind God that things have gone wrong and if he decides to wave a wand and make my problems disappear – Great! In the meantime, I am going to be figuring out my own solution. This is my default. I hope God can and will fix the problem the way I want him to – He is my Plan B in case my plan – figure it out myself – doesn’t work.


God intends for me to rely on Him wholeheartedly. In fact, He has introduced the trial, the very one I’m fretting about, to give me an opportunity to rely on Him and trust His good purposes. If I will wait on Him I will see His glorious provision. If I will look to Him I will see a King, sovereign over all and He will be a hiding place in the wind and storm. He will be like water when I’m thirsty. He will be my shade in the heat.
When, by His Spirit poured out, I rely on God as not my plan B or even plan A, but as my only plan and hope – then He will prove to be faithful. I will see His faithfulness. He is my peace in the midst of storm.