Brilliant light – light so pure and piercing – light radiating in an incomprehensible spectrum – light so bright as to be unapproachable.

In the midst of the light, on a throne, high and lifted up – the God of gods and the King of kings – the Lord of all the hosts of heaven – the most high and glorious One sits in radiant splendor.

In complete harmony and joyful anticipation, the Father in His transcendence, the Son in His majesty and the Spirit in His unrestrained might stand to deliver the proclamation.

The mighty Seraphim’s chant of “Holy, Holy, Holy” crescendos in power and intensity. The surrounding angelic host have trumpets poised over trembling lips.

Then with a voice thunderous as the rush of thousands of crashing waves and raging rivers and so powerful that none of the angelic host remains standing, Jehovah speaks – “Let there be light.” And into what moments before had been a dark void of emptiness there is instantaneously light – beautiful light reflecting the very throne room of God.

For six days the angels watch in awe-struck worship as the Great Artist reveals His glory and endless creativity in the things he makes. From the macro to the micro, from the largest galaxies and the space bending black holes holding them in place, to the smallest most intricately designed plant – everything declares the glory of the Almighty One.

Then in a breathtakingly intimate act the Lord reaches down into the dust of the earth and forms His most magnificent creation. With great love and care He forms every part – then pressing His lips to the face of the creature he breaths the breath of life implanting His own image – and man becomes a living soul. And God said “it is very good” and rested from His work.

Adam awakens. His first breath is full of the smell of spring – flowers, fresh air, new growth… His ears take in the sound of a nearby brook. He opens his eyes and marvels at the lush green meadow – rolling hills culminating spectacularly in towering jagged peaks. Trees bursting with fragrant flora and dazzling colors revealed by a stunningly sunny day threaten to overwhelm his senses. Under the shade of an enormous tree nearby, lions and lambs lie napping.

With unabashed joy, the man bursts into song – praising the beauty that his eyes drink in. Then a voice both powerful and gentle surrounds him – engulfs him. The voice laughs, “Do you like what I have made, Adam?” When the voice says, “Adam” the man is overcome. He senses the voice knows him down to his very thoughts and loves him completely. Adam struggles to speak as he is overcome by a sense of joy and acceptance. “Who are you?” “I am your creator and the creator of this world and the universe beyond it. I am your maker, Adam, and you are fearfully and wonderfully made. What do you think of what I have made?” The man replies, “It is very good.”

And in this pristine paradise the Man walks daily – marveling at what the Lord has created and giving names to His creatures. And in the evening the Lord comes and they speak together. Adam tells the Lord about his day and what he has named and why he has named them. God delights to hear Adam’s praise and Adam delights in praising his creator. When Adam discovers all the animals have both male and female, but for himself there is not a helper – the Lord gives Adam another gift – a beautiful woman – Eve. And together they live innocent and unashamed in the perfect garden God has created delighting in its beauty and delighting in its creator.

Then on that fateful day – Adam and Eve are strolling in the garden and come to a tree – the tree – the only tree their creator said they could not partake of. And as they gaze on it, the craftiest of all creatures speaks to them. “Did God say…?” “God is keeping something from you – something that would open your eyes so you would be like Him…. Don’t you want to be wise?” Slimy, syrupy, sweet lies. The woman seeing the fruit delights her eyes and with the added bonus of making her wise is deceived by the serpent and takes the fruit in her hands. And the man undeceived and in open rebellion to the Lord’s command but naïve to the consequences takes the fruit in his hands. And together they eat.

While the fruit is still sickly sweet on their tongues. They know…. They know the world has changed. Innocence lost – replaced by fear, shame, and guilt torturing their now “wise” minds. The try to hide – they try to cover themselves to remove their shame – they no longer want to see their creator. Without full understanding they sense deep in their souls to their everlasting sorrow that evening conversations with the Lord are gone, an untainted world is now stained darkly by their act – paradise is lost. And so death has passed to all men.